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Insulation Material

What is insulating paint?

Insulation used paint (or insulating paint) is electrically insulating paint for short. Modern insulating paint is a liquid resin system contain solvent or not, the main role of the insulating paint is insulation, so a higher requirement on its dielectric properties is needed.

The basic composition of the insulating paint are binder, solvents and diluents and auxiliary materials.

Generally, binder is made up of oil, resins and desiccant. Binder is an essential component of the paint.

Most binder of early paint contains oil, so called oil paint. Now, a lot of paint contains no oil, oil paint is only part of all.

Auxiliary materials including desiccant pigments, plasticizers or emulsifiers. Adding binder, flexible material and plasticizers to increase the softness of the film; adding emulsifier to produce latex paints; adding polymerization inhibitor to extend the storage period of paint; also add pigment to lacker.

Solvents and diluents are generally inert, i.e. evaporated when film drying, not participate in reaction. If participate in reaction, it is called “reactive diluents”, this paint is called “solvent-free paint.” Desiccant is not necessary in some resin varnish.

Insulating paint afford electrical components electrical, mechanical and environmental protection.