Is insulation material importane in the modern insustry?

Is insulation material importane in the modern insustry?

If fact, insulation material is the necessary in the modern industrial product. For example, we will use about 10 tone of insulation lacquer, 8 tones of mica product, 5 tone of insulation laminated sheets and 1 tones of varnished glass cloth and film on a 300MW turbogenerator; the electrcial insulation material will take the 34% of the total weight in one 3200kW transformer and 18% of the total weight of one 10kV high voltage switch. According to the capacity generator and its accessories in China, the everage wastage of insulation material is about 65 tones per 10MW, so we can say, insulation material has taking a very big proportions in the electrical equipments.

There will be conductive material, magnet material, insulation material and structure material in most of motors and other electrical equipments. Beside the insulation material, most of the other material is metal. Durring the runing period of the equipments, the insulation material is special effected by temperature, eletricity, strength caused by shaking, bad gas, chemical material, wet, dust and radiation than other material in the equipment. Esay to say, the electrical insulation material is more easy to be aging and damaged that will cause the broken of the total equipment. So the insulation material is the key material that can guarantee the equipment working steady. It will decide the working life the motors and electrical equipments.

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