International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

ISO, established in February 23, 1947, is the largest international standardization organizations in the world. Its predecessor was the International Standards Association (ISA), founded in 1928. October 14, 1946, representatives from 25 countries met in London, decided to establish a new international organization to promote international cooperation and unification of industrial standards.。 Accordingly, October 14 was designated as World Standards Day. World Standards Day first celebrated on October 14, 1970, by President of ISO Mr. Faruk Sunter (Turkey) of the time.

ISO is responsible for all other areas of standardization activities except electrical and electronic fields. Its purpose is “to promote the worldwide development of standardization and related activities in order to facilitate the international exchange of goods and services in the fields of intellectual, scientific, technological and economic cooperation. ISO’s highest authority is the annual “General Assembly”, the daily offices is the Central Secretariat, based in Geneva, Switzerland. China applied in 1978 to re-join the International Organization for Standardization.

ISO carry out technical activities through its 2856 technical institutions, of which, 185 Technical Committee (TC), 611 Sub-Technical Committee (SC) total, 2022 Working Group (WG), 38 special working groups. International standards is formed by the TC and SC through six stages: ① the application stage; ② preparatory phase; ③ committee stage; ④ review stage; ⑤ approval stage; ⑥ release phase. If the documents acquire at the beginning more mature, some stages can be omitted.

The technical activities fruits of 2856 ISO technical institutions is “international standards.” ISO has developed more than 10,300 international standards, mainly related to the technical specifications of various products industries. ISO international standard number format is: ISO + standard number + colon + release year, for example: IS08402: 1987, IS09000-1: 1994, etc., are a certain number of criteria.

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