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This catalog maily talking the introdution of the insulation material, new insulation developing etc.

Insulation Material

What is insulating paint?

Insulation used paint (or insulating paint) is electrically insulating paint for short. Modern insulating paint is a liquid resin system contain solvent or not, the main role of the insulating paint is insulation, so a higher requirement on its dielectric properties is needed. The basic composition of the insulating paint are binder, solvents and diluents and auxiliary materials. Generally, binder...

Insulation Material

Brief of Electricl Insulatin Material

What is insulation material? Today we are talking only electrical insulation Material. In China,according to the defination of China GB standard(GB 2900.5), insulation material is material which used to keeping the electrical parts insulative from the power. That means the material is used to prevent electric current pass the electrical parts. Usually this kind of material has very high electrcial...