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This catalog is about the knowledge of the electrical insulation and electronic insulation.

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Basic selection principles of Electrical insulation materials

1. The premise of selecting an electrical insulation material You should be clear before selection an insulating material: ① the structure of electrical equipment which use this material, the location and fixation of materials in the device.② working status of this equipment and the effect of the material in this state. ③how the insulating material is processed in this electrical equipment.④...

Insulation Knowledge

Is insulation material importane in the modern insustry?

Is insulation material importane in the modern insustry? If fact, insulation material is the necessary in the modern industrial product. For example, we will use about 10 tone of insulation lacquer, 8 tones of mica product, 5 tone of insulation laminated sheets and 1 tones of varnished glass cloth and film on a 300MW turbogenerator; the electrcial insulation material will take the 34% of the total...

Insulation Knowledge

How about the class defination of insulation materials?

How about the class defination of electrical insulation materials? The use life of electrical insulation products is affected by many factors, the temperature usually is the aging of insulation materials and dominant factor. Therefore, there is a practical, by the world recognized heat-resistant classification method, which is the electrical insulation of the heat resistance was divided into a number...